Gamespot deleted my account???

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#1 Posted by rambo8699 (16 posts) -

I have been a gamespot user since almost 2011 and since the new Gamespot updated I can't seem to sign into it because it tells me that my email account isn't connected to a Gamespot account. Can someone please help me? I created this account in order to make this question.

#2 Posted by Danyawesomsauce (115 posts) -

You have to use your Gamespot username to log in now.

#3 Posted by rambo8699 (16 posts) -

@Danyawesomsauce: Problem is that I don't remember it.

#4 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

maybe contact customer support? they may be able to help.

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@rambo8699: Can you access the email account you used to sign up for that account? I would try looking in your inbox to see if there are any notifications from Gamespot that might have your username in them.

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do you remember a memorable thread you posted in? what are some key words?

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@Danyawesomsauce: I haven't been receiving notifications from the email I made the account with.

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@OmitName: Not at all.