Game Spot New Website - What do you think ?

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Posted by christhor (19 posts) 8 months, 20 days ago

Poll: Game Spot New Website - What do you think ? (15 votes)

I believe game spot is now really sh#t ! 87%
I love the new game spot :0) 13%

Man - what the hell have they done. This used to be such a good site for reviewing and following games.

Now its just a hard to navigate watered down social site.

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This thread has been moved to the Bug and Feedback Forum because it is asking for feedback about this site.

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That's a rather binary poll.

With that said, I would say here that you either have the patience to suffer the perennial bugs, or just move to another site.

GlitchSpot here is plagued with technical issues, and it's not going to get cured anytime soon.