Game review scores missing on certain platforms...

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Ive always wondered why some games don't have a review score for certain platforms?

trine 2 is a perfect example

is it because you guys didn't review it? or did gs feel that this platform's release not relevant enough to give a score? or is it because the release for this platform has such a big gap that it doesn't need a review score?

gs has been notorious for this for years now and i really want to know why. How can gs users who only have a ps3 version, or a mac version, or a pc or whatever platform ever get a more accurate account for a game if there is no acknowledgement for a certain platform? if the game runs basically the same on every platform, then why not give it the same score for that platform?

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Ive always wondered why some games don't have a review score for certain platforms?


Hey there, so I went ahead and asked one of our reviewers on GS and this is what she had to say on the subject:

Some outlets play one version of a game and feel comfortable using that to apply to all releases, they might play a game on 360, for instance, and base their reviews for all platforms on that.

We don't do that. It looks like the PS3 version of Trine 2 came out on Dec. 20th of last year. I'd have to check the calendar but we would have been maybe on winter break already or at the very least working on our Game of the Year awards, with little time to spend playing games for review and posting reviews.

We often try to do "clean-up" and get back to releases that fall through the cracks when time allows but we don't always manage to catch everything, unfortunately.

Carolyn Petit

That being said, do you have any other examples you would like to point out? I'd be more than happy to inquire about their review status for you.

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thanks for the reply.

just with my game list alone i see that there is no score for-

psn/playstation release for chrono trigger

ps3 version of guitar hero:metallica

ps2 version of mlb 09 the show and mlb 11

mac version of the orange box

and pretty much a lot of mac versions of the game....