Game Index and Review page showing different scores

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I don't know if it really belongs here because someone could also just have made a mistake, but when I wanted to check out Dino Crisis on Gamespot I typed it in the search bar on the main page, the then appearing index listed it's Score Review as a 5.6 score, but when I went to the actual review page it showed a 8.5. And nope, it's not a user review score, I double checked that, it's the official score which says 5.6 on the index.

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Looks like this is a multi platform game that has different reviews for those specific platforms. The PC got a 5.6, Playstation is a 8.5 and the dreamcast got a 7.1 In these cases maybe they could make the text smaller on the search page and put 5.6-8.5 or something to indicate there're multiple reviews for the different platforms that differ
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If you can give me some links to put in the bug, I'll see if this is something they need to fix.