Full page Ad popping up like crazy

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Not sure if this is supposed to happen but lately a full screen ad will pop up anytime you click something or load a page. When I hit "Create a thread" for this thread it popped up. Sometimes when I close it, it then automatically reopens itself. Not sure if it's supposed to do this.

Edit: Here's a pic of it below. Also, when I hit edit to edit this post, the ad popped up again lol

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That's one hell of an invasive advert, to say the least...if this is actually in the ad rotation atm then hopefully it'll be removed asap and never appear again, it's ads like these that force people to use things like noscript/adblock and discourage those that don't use such things from returning to a site.

The site itself appears to be safe, however there's been quite a few users on a variety of sites complaining about adverstitial.com ads such as this one in recent times as a quick google search shows, one place even makes it out to be a virus despite the source site being reputable, and if it's very frequent then I can't say I'm surprised it would be compared to one, it's certainly not an appropriate way to advertise anything. Could be something that's slipped in via the ad-rotation and simply doesn't belong there, it's not hard for an ad to run a little bit of script to redirect you like that.

Of course, if it's not actually in the rotation then it'll be malware...though from what I can tell, relatively harmless malware (assuming they're all adverstitial ads and there's no additional functionality to it, anyway) with the effect most likely being down to a proxy modification, most likely hidden somewhere in the registry or hosts file. I'd advise installing Malwarebytes and running a full scan with that as a start in that case - it's generally pretty good at picking up such things and can often fix them as well.