Followed games need some kind of platform indication...

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The games on your list of followed 'objects' could really use some kind of indicator as to which platform you are following them for. I don't know about anyone else but I follow a lot of games to stay privy to all the latest updates regarding each and every franchise. As a result, I'm finding myself losing track of which game is on which platform more and more frequently.

This doesn't need to be added to the stacks (although that wouldn't hurt) but just something that tells you your chosen platform would be really great.

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@Starshine_M2A2: This page will be completely redesigned in the near future, and this is one of the changes we're going to be making :)

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I would like sorting options too, much like stacks got. Also, if there was a link to go straight to just the games we are following would be nice too, not really a fan of people and games being together in the following list and the update feed.

Good to read that it's getting redesigned. Now the only thing I need is the ability to make my profile private.

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Good to hear, Lark!