Followed games, and therefore updates, not showing up

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The drop-down beside my username isn't showing any followed games (although my various games list pages still exist, and are fully navigable). As a result, game updates are similarly affected and nothing displayed on my Updates page. I've been seeing lots of problems today, so I assume this is all connected with the various other changes and attempted fixes happening around the site (Fuse, messaging, etc). Bloody annoying to have to endure it all in the middle of Gamescom coverage though. :|

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Seems to have been resolved - everything has just now reappeared, within both the dropdown list and my Updates page. :)

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just another of the temporary issues while the site is upgrading - the suggestion I have for everyone is to have patience.

I know you are used to this place being totally awesome but for a little while it is just a regular web site.

play more video games for a day or two - I think we are too used to using Gamespot instead of Facebook

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just another of the temporary issues while the site is upgradingiowastate

Oh, I realise that. Not whinging, so much as informing the team about the manifestation of a specific symptom.