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Okay, so I've tried following everything. I get a green confirmation bar pop up at the top of the browser, but when I go back or refresh the page the follow status is reset.

Is this just me, or is everyone having the same problem? I would like to search the forum first, but the search feature is broken too.

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@koreform: Same for me. I thought it'd get fixed eventually, so I periodically check the site to see if it works, but nope. Hasn't worked for me ever since the site got it's current layout.

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Wow. I don't know whether to give up or not. I really wish GameSpot would polish the site not by adding more content but by fixing errors first.

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@koreform: It's a shame, really. GS used to be so handy since it just gave all the news for games I was interested in in one place. Now I barely even come on here anymore. I get most of my gaming news from NeoGAF now.

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@Raiden_sama: Cool, thanks for the info on NeoGAF. I was desperately looking for a community with serious, mature users, and I thought I might give this place a try. I just registered and am checking it out! (I love it how they don't let you use free emails to register, I used one provide by my company.)

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@koreform: I posted in the stickied 'features you want' thread about the issues with the Follow button. I figured there was a better chance of the issue getting noticed over there.

Neogaf is probably the best gaming forum at the moment. The mods do their job well over there, and since you need a paid email address to join, a ban is actually effective. My account name over there is Dante Morgan. Send me a friend request if you want, once you get your account. Oh, about that: it can take a while to get approved. I got in unusually fast, but I've heard of three-month waiting times from some users. I Hope yours gets approved quick!

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@Raiden_sama: Huh, I see. Thanks of the information. So I can't post anything until I get approved? Wonder how they approve accounts.

I like the idea of GameSpot, but in reality all the features I would love to use are broken at the moment. Favorites (stacks), following games or shows, even the forums search function is broken - I hope they haven't just given up on it yet.

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@koreform: I'm not 100% sure on this one, but yeah, I don't think you can post until you get approved. The mods have to look at each individual request for an account so that's why it can take some time to get in.

The Gamespot staff is working on the site, though I'm not entirely convinced they're focusing on the right issues. I just looked through the latest changelog, and most of the updates to the site seem to be aesthetic changes. When half the site just plain doesn't work, aesthetics are just about the last thing I'd be focusing on if I were in the admin's shoes.

Edit: Just checked the 'Features YOU want' thread. The issue with the Follow button was added to the OP, so at least it's on the staff's to-do list now. With some luck, it'll actually get fixed within a reasonable time-frame.

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@Raiden_sama: Good to hear they are working on it. Let's just hope they fix functionality before aesthetics like you mentioned.