Firefox users rejoice! Resurrected download video links!

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Links appear in the video description next to the social buttons.

600 1000 1800 3200 4000 represent the available resolutions for that video:

Simply download the greasemonkey firefox addon and

install this userscript:

update: now also works in chrome with tampermonkey.

update2: there is also a similar script for,

No substitutions, exchanges, or refunds.

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Thanks for the info.

Another way to do it is to go to:

Put in the link to the gamespot video and it should give you resolution options. Then just right click and save as.

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The addon dont work in my opera browser with violent monkey addon,

The site just work if the video url is in this format****** And dont work for videos.

But works for any gamespot page that have a video embeded, and too works for, and have a option for search for the video in youtube and download in another formats :).

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Sweeeeet. Bookmarking this page. :P

@nimnimak_11: Having a video-grabbing tool built into a browser is more reliable than visiting a third-party site.

@thamster20: That "components" variable gives me a strong impression that the author for the script is simply replacing characters in URLs. Is that what it does?

If that is what it does, the script won't work anymore if GameSpot migrates its video servers to some other domain/subdomain.

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@luizdelducca: It won't work for GiantBomb videos. Look at the script, specifically the "components" variable; it isn't targeting objects from the domain.

Also, thanks for that new link. Oh yeah, one other thing: can you include a download for the scripts which you use for the site?

P.S. Do your scripts still make queries for the video source URLs?

P.P.S. Is that site going to stay up longer than your previous ones? :P

P.P.P.S. By the way, have you checked whether your scripts work for CNET's? I heard that CNET's own stream is one tough nut to crack. (CNET is a sister site of GameSpot - and the latter's former owner.)

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I have included a donwload link for the getspot PHP script.

I dont understand your first P.S

Yes just one year again :D its a free domain.

OKay i have take look at and have good news for you, i can find the video source... and am working for a Cnet Downloder :)

Look here:

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@luizdelducca: To put my first P.S. in simpler terms, does your scripts look for the video sources?

You don't need to answer that. Seems like you can find them rather quickly. :D

P.S. Really, CNET uses - which is owned by Comcast - as a go-between. I suppose that CBS really has no issues being a customer of its competitors.

P.P.S. I forgot that you use PHP. My PHP is really rusty. X|

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@Gelugon_baat: Hello :D i end the work. Now you can take a look here: here

I do a script to find video and owner ID

Obs: the owner id and video id are in the url given, so i just have to grab it and request the following url with the IDs and we find the videos links.


Obs: Its not the final script, i will keep making changes :)

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@luizdelducca: Thanks a lot! :D

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Hey, you might want to inform whoever wrote the script to alter the "replace" method for GiantBomb's videos in the following manner:




The dude is having the links point to the wrong directory on's servers.

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not sure what you're talking about, just tested and the scripts still work for giantbomb and gamespot. They also work in tampermonkey for chrome now too.

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You didn't include the link to the version of the script for the GiantBomb-sourced videos in your opening post. There are GiantBomb videos on GameSpot, e.g. the Quick Look videos, and they are sourced from GiantBomb's servers, not GameSpot's. The script which you linked to in your opening post will not work for these particular videos on GameSpot.

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@Gelugon_baat: ah I see, I'll have a look and update the scripts when I have a sec, in the meantime you can just use the gb script on

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Sorry guys, I know this is a pain. Its usually because of our CDN and is usually a localized issue. Unfortunately we're going to be making some changes soon that will prevent all of the above solutions from working but we are actively working with our CDN provider to get better service.