Finding GameSpot Game Guides a Struggle

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In the old GameSpot website there is a link for the Game Guides. Click on it and it goes to a page showing the latest guides and an option to search for guides by game title and system.

When the site was reformatted, I cannot find the link anymore. Searching for a guide is futile. Entering the game title with the words "game guide" included does not show any relevant result at all. One result is the game webpage. Clicking on it shows all the information about the game. Selecting the Cheats and Guides section just shows the cheats and FAQs/Walkthroughs in and nothing about the guide made by GameSpot.

Ever since the site was reformatted I do not visit as often as before. Some of the reasons I love visiting the site before were the guides and how easy it was to find them.

Please tell me if I am wrong and there is an easy way to find all the guides in the site.

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Sorry, but we don't support this feature anymore. I'd be happy to add it to the list of things that users would like to see us have going forward however. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.