Filtering games by genre

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Why filtering games by genre doesn't work?

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This is a known bug/issue - there is a workaround for the time being, see the bottom of the 15th post in this thread for a list of links/examples (just click one and it'll take you to the search page with that genre already in the search filter terms), the 9th post in the same thread explains the basics of why these links work/how they were all found via URL manipulation, and also how to add a 2nd genre into the same search via URL manipulation - basically it's just using links to add the correct genres into the box rather than using the broken genre quick-search thing.

As for fixing the issue itself - it will most likely have to wait until after E3 unfortunately, but after that it shouldn't take too long to fix as it's only the quick-search box itself being used to find the genres that is causing the problem.

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Ok, thank you.