[Enhancement] Publisher/Developer Metacritic Scores

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I have a suggestion for this site. I come to GameSpot primarily to check out reviews of games before I purchase them to get a good insight or what I can expect before buying a game. I know the Metacritic Scores are a good guideline (not always agreeing with them) on how a game will be in the long run. So my suggestion is that there is a Metacritic Score type system of ranking for game publishers/developers. The idea behind this is so if a new game is coming up you can see, not only a list of the games they have released in the past (and future) but the scores these game have received. This is where the publisher/developers scores come in; it would be based on the average ratings of all their games that have been put out. So if a publisher has a tendency to make poor games one might think twice before purchasing/pre-purchasing a game from them.