ENHANCEMENT: Next and Previous buttons for full size images

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#1 Posted by neyel8r (32 posts) -

ENHANCEMENT: Next and Previous buttons for full size images, perhaps placing them at the very top of the screen somewhere between the image number and "« back to image viewer."

this feature would be very convenient and much appreciated, thanks!

#2 Posted by neyel8r (32 posts) -

does nobody else but me want to have this feature? don't you think it's annoying to have to keep going back to the thumbnails, click on the next one. then click the full screen link again when this could all be done simply in one click if there were Next & Previous buttons on the full screen image pages?

#3 Posted by DigitalDame (4067 posts) -

You are not alone on this one ;)
I'll go ahead and include this in my Site Enhancements report for this weekend. If I get any feed back that I can share with you from the higher up's I'll be sure to do so.