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For the past 5 years GS has held the Live Cam Tour during E3, and for the past 5 years Colin Carlisle has been the man behind Cam 1. Colin has always done a fantastic job and has even become somewhat famous for his work. The most common question in the chat when people show up is "Is Colin doing the Live Cam again this year?". People like him and his work and the amount of dedication he put into his tours. In past years Colin would walk the show floor for 6+ hours per day with few breaks just to make sure we the viewers get the most out of the Live Cam experience.

However, this year GS changed up the format by not only cutting his hours down to 3 hours per day, but also now giving him cohosts. And not just 1 cohost, but 3, changing every hour. This has Severely crippled the Live Cam experience due to having to Colin having to make his way back to the GS booth every hour on the hour and trying to locate his next cohost.

While most of the viewers can agree that cutting Colin's hours as to not work him to death is a positive in his favor, I believe we All agree that the cohost system is very annoying and unnecessary. We would love nothing more then to just have Colin on the floor by himself doing his own thing. Not only is the cohost swapping annoying, it takes much from the experience and completely disconnects the viewers.

In years past the viewers would send messages and questions to Colin within a question box directly above the chat. However, those questions went to emails he would receive and made it difficult for him to read and navigate through them because he would have to open each one to read them. I met Colin 2 years ago and he told me that during his first year those emails went directly to his personal email, and by the end of E3, he had 1600+ unread emails. This year GS finally took the much needed step to set him up with Twitter, making it Much easier to navigate. The only problem this presented was that not everyone had Twitter, but that is really an issue that the users/viewers need to fix themselves as Twitter is free and easy to set up an account.

Colin would normally spend his time in between booths checking those messages because he would have us tell him where WE wanted him to go or ask the questions WE wanted to know the answers to. That was the beauty of the Live Cam, it is an Experience for us at home who cannot attend to see and get the most out of the show floor, with Colin as our guide. But now with the many cohosts, he has been reduced to mostly being a camera man, and with his interaction of the cohosts throughout the floor, those messages are not being checked as frequently if at all at times.

Again, with all the switching back and forth of cohosts, we hardly got to see any of the show floor. In years past we got to see the vast majority of everything there was to see. And Colin landed many Amazing behind closed doors interviews that not even GS staff members were able to land.

The Live Cam Tour with Colin is a great Experience that many of us come back and look forward to year after year. Most of the people watching it are returning viewers from previous years. But many agree, the new format is tedious, boring and we feel disconnected. Please take into consideration when planning for next year that we the viewers would like something closer to that of previous years with Colin doing the Live Cam Solo.

If you've read this far, thank you very much for your time, and we hope you keep this feedback in mind for next E3.

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We need homer and colin every e3

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I second this point of view and hope also that next year is a closer experience to that of previous years.

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No homer no watch...

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agree with you 100%, 3 hours and all cohosts ( not saying Lisa,Anna and homer are bad ) , but its confusing and pointless , if they are in 6 hour live cam , maybe it will work out

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Indeed. The Live Cam has always been that special way for us, the viewers, to LIVE the E3 showfloor. For 6 hours a day, we had direct access to many, many content that covered almost the damn entire venue! I'll admit that some of the moments from this year with the cohosts were entertaining but the whole cohost changing + dead batteries + random stream breaks gave us less than 2 hours of stream per day. Regardless, I'd like to say thanks to the whole GS staff and a big special shoutout to Colin.
Please reconsider your Live Cam format.

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I totally agree with you.

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I totally agree with you.

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Old live tour was good enough. Bring it back. Thank you very much.

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Homer and Collin all the way. DO THIS GS.

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The other thing was, we spent so much time NOT on games this year. I feel we didn't see anything worth noting.

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Homer & Colin FTW

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need more Homer!

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I agree, the live stream of the past years was better. I loved Homer's input in this years livestream too though !

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I agree. Lisa, Homer and Anna are talented journalists, bringing their own flare and style to their broadcasts. However, the live cam was always about a camera guy, interacting with and talking to the audience, getting neat and exclusive interviews and just forging memories that we still recall to this day. I feel that the three hour/co host format just wasn't able to deliver that experience that many of us who tune into the live cam each year were looking for. I understand the difficulty that Colin faced previous years, due to the extreme work hours presented to him, but I feel a better solution would have been to go 2 hours, give him a break, and do another 2 hours.

There was also the technical issues, which happen every year of course. We have actually come to expect it. Battery swaps, equipment failure, wifi dropping..it happens every year and the regulars of the live cam realize this. But when your format is only 3 hours long, and you spend an hour dealing with technical issues, that's 1/3 of the days live cam experience gone. Then add to that 5-10 minutes to find/swap co hosts, and 5-10 minutes explaining to the co-host and updating what you already covered and didn't cover, you're talking very little floor time. I miss the viewers talking with Colin, asking him to go places and him actually trying to get there, asking him questions, and generally feeling like we were right there on the floor hanging out with him and experiencing E3 when we couldn't actually be there. I hope the decision is made to go back to the older format.

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I agree 100%.

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I agree with this post. The whole livecam experience took a huge knock. I prefer the methods of previous years!

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If it like this nest year I don't now if I will watch the live cam. For me that live that live in EU, this live cam is the greats thing for E3. it feel like you are there. I with Colin past year you have learn to know him and what he have done that past year, but now with 3 cohost I have realy learn any of them. The fealing beten you and the host did not happend. This beten me and the the man behind the camra. but now whit a cohost they chat with beten them, not beten the us. The chat with us in twitter did not happend lake it did last year that I loved. So I hope you change back 2 it was past year. This with 3 hours come on, with the battery chang it come out like two and half hour and that 2 short time to see anything. it need to be at least 4 hours long.

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I liked it because it was raw live footage...... staring at the floor even with nobody saying anything is fun.

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We certainly didn't get to see as much as usual.. But having 3 hosts was really fun. I enjoyed it. :)

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I will make sure that Colin sees this. Thank you everyone.