E3 attending games list?

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I can't seem to find the list that contains the games that attending in E3 :/

or is it too soon yet?

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yeah, and still can't find it :D

Usually there is a top 10 list on the right (most anticipated games or something alike) with a link that takes you to the list.

Though e3 doesn't started officially so maybe there is no anticipation yet ^^

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Earlier years we had a constantly updated list that was on the E3 page as soon as the E3 page opened.
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I had the same concern. I don't believe it's too early, they had one the other year that they constantly updated. It'd make tracking all the E3 news a lot easier, I don't want to go through 50 pages of unsorted video listings trying to find what I want. :\
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well... this is a bummer :/

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No game list, Fuse is dead so we can't check what emblems we got, no official sticky topic about the E3 emblems, Livecam day 1 didn't work, we got PS3 topics spammed in the Xbox One E3 page, etc etc. This is the worst E3 coverage for years.
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