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#1 Posted by SolidSnake35 (58226 posts) -
What's this that I keep being redirected to after making a post? Most of the time it isn't noticeable but sometimes it hangs on that server, or whatever you call it, and then the page doesn't load. If I refresh the page afterwards, it takes me to the new message webpage.
#2 Posted by fastesttruck (25353 posts) -
Does it happen all the time? Does it happen when using quick post or the new message button?
#3 Posted by SolidSnake35 (58226 posts) -
I think it always happens, but only sometimes will it stop loading at and Safari says server not responding. And I only ever use quick post.
#4 Posted by EJ902 (14398 posts) -
It connects to every time you attempt to post (IE: in forums, blog comments, etc). It seems to rely on it also. I once blocked because a site adviser had marked it as malicious (something to do with taking user's information without consent). Though my posts all went through just fine, it couldn't connect to and therefore hung indefinitely on the posting page. Knowing CNET it's probably something to do with market research.