Drop down menus no longer work

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Normally when you click the orange arrow next to games, videos, community or next to my icon the menus wont drop instead it'll load say the list of different forums for example if I click the orange arrow for community for example. And because the drop menus don't work I can't log out

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Yeah. I'm having the same issue.

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Is it still happening for you guys? It's working fine for me, since not everyone is experiencing the same issue maybe it's a client side issue... I would try using a different browser to see if it makes any difference.

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The only confirmed client-side solution for this that I'm aware of so far is if your device supports a touch screen then that's likely interfering with the :hover functionality used for the drop downs. If your device also has a mouse and keyboard the simplest solution is to open up device manager (or equivalent) and disabled (no need to uninstall, disable is plenty) 'HID-compliant touch screen'.

If your device doesn't support a touch screen then that's obviously not the cause, in which case more details would be useful to troubleshoot the issue. Some things to try straight off the bat though would be ensuring that javascript is enabled and that scripts from gamespot.com are allowed and/or disabling any browser add-ons in general to see if they're causing it.

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I don't have a touch screen and java is enabled for all sites and it's still happening. I'm gonna try erasing my browsing history and repot back

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OK erasing didn't work but I did try Internet Explorer. It seems to be a google chrome problem there may have been a glitch in their latest update

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Can you please provide version and os? i'll look into it.


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I have Google Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 m and my OS is Windows 7 Proffesional

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I have Google Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 m and my OS is Windows 7 Proffesional

I'm using that same browser (incl. version) and the 64-bit version of Win 7 Pro SP1 and it's working fine for me..try incognito mode (without re-enabling any add-ons manually after starting incognito) to see if it works in that, if it does then an add-on is most likely causing it as incognito temporarily disables all of them for the new instance it makes.