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Gamespot website constantly freezes or locks up while it tries to load a random advertisement. I have had the website lock up for more than 20 seconds, unable to scroll up or down.

While I understand the need for advertisements to bring in revenue to allow for the operation of the website, I shouldn't be 'held hostage' from being able to use the Gamespot website until an ad loads onto the webpage.

Is there any way you can make the website ALOT more efficient? It is so slow to load since your redesign that I am starting to go to your competition for my gaming news JUST BECAUSE THEIR WEBSITE LOADS FASTER!

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if you use browsers such as firefox and chrome, I believe that they have plug-ins such as ad-blocker to disable them. theoretically, that should make the site load faster.

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Do you have an out of date ad blocker installed?

Or maybe a few hand created hosts file entries? (if you don't understand this question the answer is likely No)

What you're seeing usually happens when ads partially load and what is loaded is trying to load more stuff that's getting blocked and things stall. That sucks and blame the programmers at the ad networks. Not us...

If you're on windows empty the entire contents of the windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file

On Mac OS its in /private/etc/hosts

Then see what happens...

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The new site looks great, but loads like molasses on every platform I own. My pc is hardwired to a 50g fios router, on which ive tried loading the site from chrome, ie, and firefox with consistently terrible load times. The mobile version on my ipad and android phone also woefully underperforms, both in wifi and on the att network. Every other media rich website I visit loads up quickly and responsively. Trying to blame it on the advertisers is condescending and belittling. To put it plainly, your new site sucks. Terribly. Looks nice, but handles like a pig.

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it will be improved over time. all we can really do is be patient, and hope it gets done sooner rather than later.