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Does anyone know how I can download a gamespot video? My internet is to slow to stream in HD. I know there used to be a download button but has been removed. These video's don't appear to have proper links so you can't even download them through download managers either. Anyone have a work around for this? Really would appreciate it

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I believe Gamespot removed that feature with the new design.

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It's gone. The videos on GameSpot's site are now streamed through the Adobe F4F format, which is inimical to stream-ripping.

Instead, I would suggest that you go to GameSpot's Twitch or YouTube account and look for the video that you want there.

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Ok, look here:

Its a php script that find HD, high and low video links if avaliable, just put the link with http:// .


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@luizdelducca said:

Ok, look here:

Its a php script that find HD, high and low video links if avaliable, just put the link with http:// .



(You should know that I don't make that kind of exclamations a lot.)

Thank you so very much. :D

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Thanks :)

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If somebody want download the PHP script, check here:

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@luizdelducca said:

If somebody want download the PHP script, check here:

Thank you very much. :D

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@luizdelducca: It would appear that GameSpot has plugged the loophole, luiz. :(

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Sorry i cant solve it using just my cell phone, i need a computer, but i have not a computer to try solve thnks :(

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You might be able to do it with the Maxthon browser, I have to save every single show I watch as a FLV file and watch it on a media player; I got to the point where I could no longer watch videos unless I saved them, I make exceptions with YouTube, but even then it can be a problem. If you do not want to use the Maxthon browser, then you can use Firefox and use add-ons that can do it, but I do not trust the add-ons that can do this on Firefox, but they may be harmless; I just prefer how simple Maxthon does it.

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It won't work. GameSpot is one of those sites that have switched over to the Adobe F4F format for its Flash player - it's not presenting videos in FLV containers anymore.

That is, unless Maxthon can somehow send a query to GameSpot's servers to return the addresses for the source videos.

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Now is working

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To download videos from GameSpot in batch, personally I would recommend houlo video downloader, which also supports IGN.

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Please - recommend free software.

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@Gelugon_baat :

The server is down try this:


Thanks :)

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Thank you, but I think that I have figured out how to get the URL of the source videos without having to use scripts. Thank you very much for putting up these scripts anyway; I would never have known that the video streams on GameSpot are actually chopped up chunks of copies of the source videos.

P.S. It's a rather pedantic method which involves looking at a list of objects in a video-hosting webpage and taking out parts of a URL to be put into another URL address. (-_-)'

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Yes, this just get the source code of the page that are the video, and find the urls that are in json format at <div class="js-video-player av-video-player av-mobile-player av-phone-player av-video-on-demand is-vid-loading is-vid-noseek" data-video="HERE"> And output links. Ps: sorry I do not speak English and did not quite understand what you said.

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It's okay, I understand.

Devo admitir que eu fiz uma pesquisa sobre você. Eu vi seus posts em sites de portugueses para programadores.

Sim, eu usei o Google Translate. ;P

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o_O Do you are spying me?

Do you know how old i am?

Do you know where i live?

Its a joke,sorry.

ps.:15 years old

And taking advantage of this post, I added another alternative to download videos in other formats, using youtube, you can download from webm, mp4, 3gp and flv. Thanks

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Thank you very much luizdelducca!