Disabling Image Uploads Reminder

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If you read yesterday's community news, you'll know that image uploads are being disabled today.Due to the number of total users using the image upload tool we cannot warrant spending resources on supporting this old image tool anymore

We're determining a way to provide a better image upload system later this year. You can still view all of your image uploads of the years. Please use a 3rd party image upload service like imageshack or photobucke in the meantime. Thanks for your continued support and patience during our transition to make your experience on the site better.

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Hm, is that why the images are gone? And does this have anything to do with the videos as well? Because my and one of my friend's videos are absent.
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The plan was to discontinue allowing users to upload new images. (Something I already miss, btw. *sniff*) The apparent disappearance of already uploaded images was not planned, and seems to be part of the issues the site is experiencing during its reconfiguration. The implication was that already uploaded images would remain available, and I suspect they will eventually show up again in users profiles. From what I can tell the images are still actually available if you have links to them. I think videos are in a similar condition.

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The images are still there. As my signature use links from my GS album.
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Does this include banners and Blog headers?

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I don't think I've seen this mentioned anywhere else yet, but it looks like the URLs for already uploaded user images have changed. The old URLs typically looked something like ui##.gamespot.com/##/somename.ext and the new ones seem to look something like download.gamespotcdn.net/d4/user_images/##/somename.ext (more or less). The images can therefore still be seen, but anything that used the ui## URLs is now using a broken link. That could be forum posts, blogs, avatars, signatures, etc. The ui## URLs currently fail after a timeout with a zero byte response. It may not have been feasible, but forwarding the old links instead of timing them out might have been helpful. Do we know yet if the new download.gamespotcdn URLs are likely to remain in effect for a while?

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Well that do explain why my avatar isn't showing anymore Gmax.
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Well that do explain why my avatar isn't showing anymore Gmax. horgen123
:o userimage.gamespot.com/images/icon/#/#/ursuid#/icon.ext userimage.gamespot.com/images/profile/#/#/ursuid#/sig_image.ext PS: ursuid# is just a number, but it's the unique user ID rather than a seemingly randomly assigned one from the server. etc links all seem to have been removed as well, not sure when or if the images are still hosted elsewhere like images uploaded via the more recent image upload system that uses ui#.gamespot.com URLs are.
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Yeah, I wonder if this plays in part in my avatar not showing up (same as my banner).

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Well that do explain why my avatar isn't showing anymore Gmax. horgen123
Yes, in your case it does because you actually have your avatar set to show an image uploaded to a user image area/album instead of the dedicated profile image spot. That's kind of a confusing case since it combines the user image area and the role of the dedicated profile images, but it's certainly allowed, and for the few users that were already set up that way it makes it possible to still have their profile images going. (You'll note Jody is set up that way... She knew!!!) Anyway, I'm currently seeing your avatar as http://ui03.gamespot.com/994/cox2_2.gif, which does not load, but you could change that to http://download.gamespotcdn.net/d4/user_images/994/cox2_2.gif, which will load.
Yeah, I wonder if this plays in part in my avatar not showing up (same as my banner).nintendoboy16
Your avatar is currently set to the standard dedicated profile image URL for your account, which resides on userimage.gamespot.com. Technically, that's a different issue than what this thread is about, which is about not being able to upload images that have the ui##.etc.etc URLs anymore. The userimage issue thread is actually over here. Obviously, there's more than one way to skin an avatar here.
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Well, I got impatient and used my photobucket. :P