Destiny's alpha final stand event is worthy of an article!

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GameSpot, please make worthy articles! How can you miss this? Bungie announced via both Twitter and Facebook that there will be a giant in-server event that concludes the Alpha testing!

It's going to be epic, please notify all the Alpha Testers to be online soon for epicness!

Quote from the facebook update:

"If you are playing in the Destiny Alpha, please join us for one, final, explosive mission tonight at 6PM PST. This is the last chance for us to prepare for the Destiny Beta. We look forward to seeing you in the Tower, in the Crucible, and in the wild. One final effort is all that remains!"

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Hi there, many of the news editors were recovering from E3 during this time which is likely why it flew passed their radar. In the future, if you come across a tip like this you're always welcome to email