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I'd like to know how to delete my account.

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@mrhyde151: Hi there

Before your account can be Deactivated by a Administrator please be aware of the following

Before we get started in the account deletion process there are a few very important things that I need to point out and have you agree to. Once that happens we can begin the process of removing your permissions.

1. Deleting your account will NOT remove your content. You are responsible for any and all contributions that your account has made to GameSpot. If you want to remove the content you will have to do it manually.

2. Deleting your account on GameSpot also means you will lose access to your GameFAQs account.

3. If your account is found having too many violations, it will not be eligible for deletion.

All you have to do now message back saying that you understand and agree to these terms and I can move forward with the account deletion process.

DigitalDame ~ Community Administrator

Another thing that we need to know is why you want to delete your account

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@juniorpower: Okay I agree to all of that. Go ahead and delete my account.

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@mrhyde151: As I am only a Moderator I do not have that access but, I will contact an Community Manager to get your account deactivated

Community Moderator