Could someone possibly change my Username?

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So I just found that if you have a premium membership at GiantBomb, you have the chance to change your username once. Now I know, this isn't giantbomb. But from what I know, both this site and GB share the same net code infrastructure. Even if the sites don't, is it possible for someone to change my username for me. When I first signed up in January, I was attempting to make my username "behardy", the same name as my GB account. But when I was signing up, I remember receiving some types of errors when I attempted to create the account (the name behardy was not taken at the time). I'm unsure if the account was actually made or not because of the error, I was unable to tell. No way of finding out. So I had just used a different email and made this account. So I was wondering if a staff member could change my username for me?

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@behardy24 Only normally available in extreme cases. You could try PM'ing @DigitalDame and plead your case.

She has a lot on her plate at the moment so don't expect a reply straight away.

You never know...