Comments on Blogs and About Me ... where are they hiding?

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My "Your Blog" page tells me what my most commented on blog was (but it also notes incorrectly that I have no comments on my blogs) ... that is interesting to know but where are the comments themselves? I cannot see any of them (despite allowing all scripts in Firefox, presumably this may be somehow linked with how fyre and/or livefyre are working?).

I had a lot of useful feedback, discussion, advice and information in the comments to my blogs and now they are inaccessible.

Will these comments and About Me be restored. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the forum already ... I did look back over the last few days first ... so sorry if already raised.

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Not sure whether or not comments made on the old site will be restored - one would assume Livefyre has them archived somewhere.

As for the "About Me" info - access via your Public Profile (the view you get of your profile differs slightly from what everyone else sees) - there are links on the profile page itself, one (in text) above the Tab bar, one just below your name on the right of page.

The full url for yours should be...

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@s_h_a_d_o: Thanks, I know the link is there but the text outlining myself and my interest in gaming, etc is no longer available and also my blog header image and blurb went as well.

That said I overnight was able to find some of the old GS pages (including Fuse) using Google and opening the cached versions of the pages ... you can still see how great the old GS looked (though these may soon be overwritten depending on how often the pages are sampled). I have saved these as htm files for the moment so I can "re-create" myself here at GS if required ... interestingly comments are still showing up on the (individual) archived blogs too!

FYI, your GS profile used to look like this:

Now I, for one, would say that looked a lot better than how things look on the new GS.

I have previously found other "lost content" or redundant sites this way or using the WayBack Machine (

Anyway, I'll just wait and see how GS deals with all the feedback.

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@Perth2008 said:

I have saved these as htm files for the moment so I can "re-create" myself here at GS if required ...

Well having a bit of time this weekend, I've had a crack at updating the "About Me" blurb using the archived webpages (found as in #3 above) as a guide ... it still doesn't look quite right but it'll do in the interim.

Overall a minor irritant I guess and not as important as getting the owned/ranked games data restored and replacing (or at least augmenting) the new "stacks" system so it's not just a "list" of box covers undifferentiated by platform or ranking/scores.