Commenting Difficulties

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#1 Posted by Hey_Jay (7221 posts) -

While I have experienced these issues, before, only now has it gotten to the point of unbearable.

Too often, I will try and comment on an article or video and some unknown error prevents it from posting. Sometimes, though, I get no error message and it simply won't post. Some days, I enter into a dialogue with another member, and I either face these same problems or I face instances where the reply button, itself, will not load. The last string has been the new commonplace, in which I will post a comment or reply (sometimes in fair length) and when I click the button to submit, I am instead redirected to the homepage, losing everything I wrote in the process. This is the most irritating issue of all. There aren't a lot of things worse than typing something out with focus and a proper train of thought, only to lose it all and attempt to rewrite a stunted and somewhat incoherent, watered down version of your previously organized thoughts. I apologize if this presumption is filled with inaccuracies in terms of the programming, but frankly speaking, I don't think the live comments mechanic is worth it if these are the kinds of problems that accompany that system.

Thanks in advance for any and all help that can be provided.

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Hey Jay, this is being worked on right now. Something to note, when anyone is loading a news, reviews or videos page it is taking a very long time to load, which seems to only happen on pages with comments.

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Ooft, excuse the late reply, but...

Thanks, Jody!