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I have had 2 comments in a row come up with a yellow box in the top right hand corner with the word "Pending" in it. Then, when I reload the page after the edit time window has expired, the comment is gone. What is pending? If you make more than a certain number of comments in one article are you automatically flagged for trolling or something? My comments are nothing vulgar or anything that would warrant moderation, so I am a bit confused. I copied the text this time because I don't want to have to rethink/retype my reply to a comment again.

What gives? Oddly enough, I have been able to instantly reply (even after the pending post) in the same comment section of the same article without anything pending. It is only under one user's comment that I cannot seem to leave a reply without getting a pending notice, that ultimately doesn't post.

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@ZOD777: Does your comment include an url link?

Livefyre, the third-party system that processes comments, appears to have it's own moderation process that scrutinises content for appropriateness. Used to happen quite often even before this redesign. I've found you can bypass the process by ensuring the url is in plain text, and doesn't contain the "http://" part - the link will no longer be 'clickable', but the comment should post fine.

Of course, you may have discovered a whole other bug.

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@s_h_a_d_o: That might have been it. I posted the text and it worked, but then I edited it with a URL added. It posted my edit without it pending, but then my entire post disappeared when i reloaded the page. Really annoying. They should have a system in place that warns you about posting with the included link. Some people put a lot of thought and effort into a comment, and having to retype 2-3 paragraphs is very frustrating. If it was as simple as deleting the HTTP or removing the URL entirely, I would have done that. Now I have to go and repost for a 3rd time. Gahh!!!

EDIT: OK, there is something seriously wrong here. I posted a very short comment the 3rd time, no URL, nothing profane, succinct and to the point, and again it got deleted. I think that the person might be flagging my comments and they are somehow getting deleted or something. It is very odd.

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I take it you're referring to comments posted in this article? That's the only place in your recent comment history that I noticed pending/bozo'd comments. It seems the livefyre impermium bot has been flagging them as profane and removing them (at the same time) as soon as you post them. I don't think the link is the cause, but rather use of certain words, most likely 'retarded' 'retard', oddly the comment you were replying to (which used the term 'retards', and may well be removed in the end as it's seriously pushing the boundaries of acceptable with the final bit in it, but for now I'm leaving it in the queue with a note to look at it properly later tonight if it hasn't been dealt with by then as I'm rather pre-occupied atm) got through despite being marked for the same thing (note to any others looking into this, the comment ID to look at is 108571556 and all the replies), so perhaps there's other words in your comment that it doesn't like as well, enough for it to decide to auto-hide it. I let the pending comment through for the time being, as it's no worse than the one it's replying to at the least, it's not exactly free of things that could be taken as offensive/insults either though, despite the words 'retard' and 'retarded' being used only as quotes/non-offensive responses.

Livefyre's filters are quite bad and appear to be based on a bunch of singular words without taking any concept of context into account so I'm not really surprised much at this point. Only staff can look at or modify the filters directly though, so I can't help when it comes to stopping it to begin with (beyond telling you to simply avoid using words that could be deemed as profane). Nothing new here (well, there might be some new filters I guess, I wouldn't know) though, been like this since livefyre was implemented.

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I don't think the link is the cause, but rather use of certain words...

Oh yeah, there's that too, of course...

Livefyre's filters are quite bad and appear to be based on a bunch of singular words without taking any concept of context into account...

Much like some of the real-life moderators then... :|

Sometimes I think moderators should undergo basic linguistic tests to ensure a more diverse vocabulary and comprehensive understanding of contextual usage.