Clicking on a game link should take you to...

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Posted by NeverMore0 (1020 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Clicking on a game link should take you to... (6 votes)

...the game's front page. 100%
...the game's review. 0%

When you click on a game link, through a search or from the front page, you're taken straight to that game's review. Good idea or bad idea?

#1 Posted by BranKetra (50211 posts) -

I would like to mention first that the page layout with the game review on top obscures the button which brings up a menu for following and stacks. The reason I am saying so and not outright asking for another page to look at first when I click to see stuff about any game is I will definitely appreciate game pages and features of GameSpot in general if they are more PC user-oriented. Right now, it seems to accommodate the mobile user at the expense of that user. I actually access GS on a personal computer and more mobile platforms, so I can tell you that one is not being focused on enough.