Chrome Commenting Issues

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On chrome, win 8. I cannot comment, nor can I like/reply to any comments. The comments that display are out of order, all the original posts come first, followed by all the replies. Everything else seems to work fine, aside from the overall slowness. I've tried clearing cache as someone recommended but no dice.

C'mon I have to use internet explorer to comment, for god's sake! That's even more sluggish than chrome.

Anyone have any other ideas or is this just an issue with the site?

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can you elaborate? what version of IE? why can't you comment? is the comment box not displaying for you or you getting an error?

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@stylyy: The comment text box is displayed buy i cannot interact with it (it may as well be a picture), there is also no comment button. No errors are displayed. No like/reply action links. I don't know what else to tell you. Right now I'm using Chrome to post on the forums. Everything seems works with chrome on the site except commenting on articles. It's like a script won't load or something but I am not blocking any from running.

What do you need my IE version for? It's whatever one comes with win 8, but like I said, IE works and is not the issue (except for the fact that the site is incredibly slow on IE).

What other information may help you figure out the problem? I'm using the latest chrome with windows 8.0.

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@pyro1245: can you do me a favor and open incognito mode in chrome. that will disable any addons you may have installed. One of those might be causing your issue. See if it works properly when doing so.

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Hah. I have done this and it works. Good idea. Maybe later i'll go through and see which addon is doing it. I'll post it once I figure it out.