Can't upload profile/user image

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#1 Posted by SparrowPrince (9 posts) -
I just created this account. I tried uploading an image for my profile/user image and nothing happens.
#2 Posted by gmax (6862 posts) -
It looks like the servers that usually handle profile images (avatars, profile banners, etc.) are misbehaving. There were evidently broader issues across the site earlier today, and I only just noticed this particular issue, so I have not heard anything about a prognosis. You can either keep an eye on this forum and try to wait it out, or you can try the 3rd party image host approach - something I would not ordinarily recommend, but might get you going sooner if this event lasts as long as it did last time. If you need tips on how to use a 3rd party image host for your avatar you can consult with the experts over in How To GameSpot. If even the 3rd party approach isn't working, that would be a new wrinkle, and something to add to this report.

#3 Posted by SparrowPrince (9 posts) -
thanks, ill take a look at that