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#1 Posted by Nighthawk89 (312 posts) -

This glitch has been affecting me for at least a month, probably much longer. I wanted to unsubscribe from the GS newsletters, but when I click "No" on the profile settings and hit "Apply Changes," it simply loads with the options checked back in the "Yes" column again. I ended up changing one of my "No" columns to a "Yes" to see if it worked in the opposite way, but it doesn't and now I can't unsubscribe from that one either!

Any such reason this is happening?

#2 Posted by Bethany (7662 posts) -
Yeah, there's a bug with newsletters currently. If you'd like your settings changed, send me a PM and I'll go ahead and fix you up manually.
#4 Posted by Flangerman (1 posts) -

Excuse me please.

I have the same problem too. Can you help me get rid of those newsletters? It fills my inbox and it's really annoying me....

I tried to stop it from the Email control but it switches back to YES. Can you please help me?

Thank you

#5 Posted by Dj-Dark-1 (6399 posts) -
Bethany kindly said if you can send her a pm. So try messaging her.