Can't change email on main account to re-validate/ gender and birthday bug?

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My main account is here. It was unbanned earler this year as part of that program to bring back long time users banned a ways back. I logged in one day only to be told I have to re-validate my account. The email address I have on the account is my moderator account from from way back in 2001 when I became a mod on the GS forums, so it's super old and I have no access to it. So I guess I'm going to have to get a current email on the account, thing is, the system will not let me do that.

Everytime I try to change the email address on the account I am told their is an error related to my accounts gender and birthday not being set correctly. But it won't let me set them, because in the setrtings area I get the message I am banned, even though my account is plainly not banned since anyone can go to my profile. I'd like to get back on that account, I've had it for well over ten years, and I'm pretty attached to it. I'll go get a screen capture of the problem after I post this.

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Well I seem to have messed up that whole screen capture thing, but it says

Unknown error in: Gender

Unknown error in: Birthday

Right above the box where it shows my email when trying to change it. If someone can set it for me my birthday is 02/23/1981 and my gender is Male.

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have you tried this link? if this doesn't work then, I suggest customer support
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That was a no go, it just kicks me back to the email change page since I've never signed up for Fuse.