Can't Edit First Post in Topics on my Union Board

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#1 Posted by sonictrainer (15185 posts) -

While this isn't an issue on any of the other Forums (as far as I know), any topics that I made in the past or recently on one my Union Boards, it doesn't give me an option to edit my first post or the TopicTitle.

I can edit any other posts I made, but I can't edit the first post.

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(Sad and shame I closed that Ninty Galaxy board) as much as I can understand it,is the first post a "poll"?...idk,I don't fiddle around with unions as much as I used to(this only counts to Nintendo Galaxy)

#3 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

poll or not, you cant edit the first post or title at all. but supposedly I was told that mods are the only ones able to change those first posts. if you cant even edit them, then there is no hopefor any of us ATM.

#4 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (3585 posts) -

@sonictrainer: well.. I guess you have to move on without the unions,let it be on its own,and when the time comes,you will see it fixed.