Can't create union topics

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#1 Posted by FireSpirit117 (1981 posts) -

I can't seem to make any new topics on the union forums. Whenever I go to the creation page, I can create a topic in any of the main boards but not for any of the union boards unless I'm a high-ranking member (I'm not really sure how the new system works since unions were put back in).

Any tips would help.

#2 Posted by alx222000 (6034 posts) -

Yeah, took me a little while to figure it out today.

On the create a topic page, next to the choice of main boards there should be some text saying "Or search for a more specific forum". Click on that and the union name should appear, then just make your topic as normal.

#3 Posted by FireSpirit117 (1981 posts) -

@alx222000: Got that taken care of. Thanks!