Can't add to Games I'm Now Playing stack

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#1 Posted by rockyterrain (509 posts) -

When I hit Save & Finish after doing an Add To This Stack, I get a message that says, "Problem occurred while processing submission".

#2 Posted by beutlich99 (1115 posts) -

I haven't touched the stacks because of all of the complaints that are along these lines. GS says an update is coming to the stacks. It was supposed to happen this week. That didn't happen. Hoping for next week, but not sure I want to hold my breath.

#3 Posted by stylyy (196 posts) -

is it multiple games you are adding or a particular game? if so, which one?

#4 Posted by lipskid (52 posts) -

Ive tried adding games to now playing and to my collection but get the same message, it doesn't seem user friendly

#5 Posted by rockyterrain (509 posts) -


I've only tried one, Tomb Raider...the new version.

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I just tried adding some new games to my collection stack. I typed in search term, got the game in drop down list and selected it then search box goes blank and that's it. It doesn't get added and I cannot add it.

I wish they'd have tested this stuff before launch. Hope they fix it soon. If they get stacks back to having the functionality of the old collections, now playing, following, etc. pages I'll be a happy camper again.

And if not, I will RAGE!!!

Yeah, I know. Nobody cares about that. lol

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Don't know if it will help or not but I found out that if I use Google Chrome I can edit and save the stacks without a problem but if I use Internet Explorer I get the processing error. Maybe the program just doesn't work well certain browsers. I don't have any others to try so I'm not sure how it works with Firefox or the others.

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Still can't add games to my Now Playing list. Nothing else has improved for me either...loading takes too long, can't access Ratings nor can I sort any of my stacks that are still a jumble from the redesign. I'm done wasting my time with this site and will check back in a few weeks to see if it's any better. What a mess.

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Has there been any word from Gamespot about fixing the stacks so first off they work and secondly the functionality and info our games lists used to have is restored? If so could someone link to where they talk about that.


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I'm having the same issue. Hopefully a correction comes soon.

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Now let's see, it's been three months or so, and this still has NOT been fixed...*claps hands*. Awsome job Gamespot!