Bug or my own toolishness?

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Hi guys,

I'm new here and can't seem to get ANY images to upload to my profile. Every time I click on anything, a black/grey screen appears then....nothing...I've been trying everything for like an hour.

Any help getting started would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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your answer is right down below...and NEVER spammin' the forum,it's highly illegal,we've received reports of spambots like 10 or so in just one day. be a good user :)

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Thanks, Smashbroshive

and good user, I shall be :)

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@sneezegrl: it's just plain assistance,nothing more,and I sound old,and gritty when someone said my name that way,o well,no hard feelings,some people have accents to pronounce names,good luck and stay active

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@Smashbrossive50: Wait?? Am I missing something? Did I say your name somewhere before and say it rudely? Or spam or something? Above, I thought you were just generally warning me not to spam? but then this reply makes me think you thought I spammed you or did something rude to you... I also noticed it says I have 7 posts or something when I JUST joined today and this thread is LITERALLY the first post I posted...what the??? Is there another Sneezegrl??? I don't want people thinking I'm an a$$.

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@sneezegrl: I never encourage people to spam(obviously I'm a spam control agent),nor be rude of you,you can actually file a complain why you have "6" instead of "1" as your first post.that post I said to you was just sarcasm,it's a gag to laugh for.

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Ok, thanks for explaining. :-) I just wanted to make sure I didn't get hacked or something and someone was going around posting things as "Sneezegrl" and being rude to you.

Have a great day :-)