Bug and Feedback Report: 10/28

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Last week's Bug and Feedback Report: 10/21

Bug Reporting

1) Users browsing in IE8 experiencing issues compatibility issues:


- Search function not bringing up proper results.

- Users unable to edit or add stacks.

2) Livefyre spamming users.


3) Collections / Stacks not working correctly or displaying data.






4) Notifications not working as intended:

- No notification when your profile is being followed by a new user.


- No notification for games.


5) More issues pertaining to user updates.



1) Search function is sloppy and difficult to sort through.


2) Tracked User Blogs should display in a separate feed.


3) Sort reviews by most recent.


4) Users continuing to want the "New post in thread" indicator feature for the forums.


5) Users less than satisfied with the current replacement of "Collections". Of 160 users, 95% voted in preference to the old "my collections" page.


6) Users less than satisfied with the new front page layout.


7) Currently, url's in signatures that have the ability to update (Raptr for example) are not currently working.


8) Split the current computer board into Computer Hardware / PC Games / A & V.


9) Utilize Taptalk for forums.


10) RSS Feeds, give them some attention.


Additional User Concerns:



Remember that when reporting bugs it is always important to provide as much detail as you are able to. Having screen shots, URL's, and/or examples are some of the best ways for your bug, or feature to be resolved in a timely fashion. And as always, you catch more files with honey than with vinegar. We understand that bugs and missing features are frustrating but being a jerk in your report is well... jerky.

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Just as this was brought up last week, any news on the Union front? A couple of ones I was in have gone and seemed to be set on coming back but when I search for the boards they do not come up. I read last week that this would be resolved by the end of last week but I am still unable to find the board. Any update on if/when we may be able to expect the union boards to become public again?

Thank you.

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PC Games section has all kinds of old titles under the "New Releases" tab. Mafia II, Darkness II, lots of older games.

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Regarding the releases, the reason why old games such as mafia II and darkness are showing up is either because an expansion has been released or the game was released in another region than yours, something like Brazil. We are aware of the display issues here and have some fixes in place to help resolve the confusion.

The list at the moment is compiled with all games associated to it's main release. Due to speed optimizations, for the moment, we show all releases.

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Just wondering, when do they fix this annoying glitch of permanent banishment because of sense of humor?

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@bumbleclone said:

Just wondering, when do they fix this annoying glitch of permanent banishment because of sense of humor?

Look, I get that you're bitter about getting banned because you thought you were being funny, but this is for reporting bugs and feedback.

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Any idea about the New Bug: Posts Not Updating Showing New Replies problem? Has it been addressed?

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I take it the editor was recently modified or is currently being played with - black text on a dark grey background for the WYSIWYG editor during text entry (white once submitted, at least) is proving rather inconvenient so hopefully that's corrected soon, was fine earlier today. Edit: Working fine again now, with white text on dark background when using dark theme.

Something I just noticed in a PM, but also clearly applies to forum posts looking at this thread - the add link feature always adds an ending forward slash to the URL, this is fine for most links (most browsers treat them identically, many even ignore it if it appears after php variables and the like that appear after a ? in the URL), but prevents anchor tags from working due to the / appearing after the #anchorname part of the URL. It'd be great if this could be fixed, as it prevents linking to specific posts without the person clicking the link needing to manually manipulate the URL a tiny bit to remove that extraneous /.

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GameSpot's stack editor continues to tell me I cannot have more than one hundred items in an ordered stack.


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Hello I found this bug, it may scare people :), the date for unpublished games is set, I think, to a control(component) max date (convert null to max date or something like that) or maybe is intended :).

It replicates in Chrome, Firefox, IE(8) I personally don't think is related to browser.

Maybe someone else reported it but I could not find in my search.

Here is a screenshot:

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Hello I found this bug, it may scare people :), the date for unpublished games is set, I think, to a control(component) max date (convert null to max date or something like that) or maybe is intended :).

It replicates in Chrome, Firefox, IE(8) I personally don't think is related to browser.

Maybe someone else reported it but I could not find in my search.

Here is a screenshot:

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If you click Reviews at the top and then click the drop downs Platform: PS3 and Sort by: Game Rating it sorts fine. But then if you click page 2, 3, 4 or click the "next" arrow then it loses the sort settings. I have to click all the sort options again. Why can't you make your page like IGN so I can simply click more results for it to show the next page or at least keep the sort options for each page of the results? This happens on the iphone, IE, and chrome on the pc.

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I noticed that the site responds much faster when I am not logged in (browsing unauthenticated)

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not sure if this was pointed out, but If I click on system wars on the top left it takes me to the main page. and that there is no preview button when making threads. the staff should have give this a few more months of beta testing before releasing it. Its kind of unacceptable.

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I can't figure out how to look up games of a specific genre. For instance, I want to look at all of the RPG games in the PC section. All I can get is an alphabetical sorting of ALL the PC games with too many pages to look at. Am I doing something wrong or is this feature just missing?

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Looks like the 'insert image' option isn't working in the forums using IE11. The page goes grey but no little frame pops up to let you drag images. Video upload looks like it's working fine.

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@evertroy said:

I can't figure out how to look up games of a specific genre. For instance, I want to look at all of the RPG games in the PC section. All I can get is an alphabetical sorting of ALL the PC games with too many pages to look at. Am I doing something wrong or is this feature just missing?

No its not there but we could totally add it.

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I seen the recent change to the Rating/Review section on the profile section of the site, and it is so much better than how it was before the change. Thank you very much for that Gamespot!

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Feedback- Can we have an option to put your profile page on private? (Correct me if I'm wrong)

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Am I the only one that realizes that the user reviews across multiple platforms are all messed up and scrambled? No, it's not better now. What good is seeing individual scores of games across multiple platforms when it's all messed up? Scores are switched, votes are missing, the break downs don't add up. N64 Rayman 2 had an 8.7 while the DC version had an 8.9. Now those numbers are switched. I remember the scores before the site changed and now everything is different and there are not enough new votes to do this. In fact, like I said before, some games have less votes now. I'm glad you can individualize a version now but please fix everything. It's all wrong now...all wrong! Size Matters for PSP had an 8.6 and now it has an 8.3? And why doesn't the 6.4 PS2 version drag down the score when it's combined between the two? Both together equate to 8.3 yet the PSP version is an 8.3 by itself while the PS2 is a 6.4. The 6.4 should've pulled the 8.3 down to maybe an 8.2 (since the 6.4 is made up of not too many votes). I think there's a bug and this is proof that the 8.3 should've been an 8.6 (pulled down to 8.3 when combined with the 6.4) and proof that it's all wrong. Now everyone, stop saying it's perfect. It's not. It's one step closer, but did everyone seriously forget what the scores were before? Everything couldn't have changed that much so soon. How did this all happen? Why is everything scrambled and wrong? Bugs? Better be bugs...

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Well, I was one of the people touting it, but yeah - I'm now, after messing around with it more, seeing the same problems with the platform-specific Average Player Ratings that you are. The whole thing went down earlier this evening, though - I'm guessing that edgework understands the problem and that they're working on it.

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@nima64: just want to point out that if you see the url: then it will something like http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/?page=1&score=asc and it will reset to http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/?page=2 in the next page, but you can just change page=value to save the option until gamespot fix it. so like http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/?page=(whatever page value)&(the option, it will different depend on what you want), so ps3 review high to low will http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/?page=(value you want)&platform=PS3&score=desc

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@DigitalDame: I would like to know why the portion of feedback that was allocate for "union boards" just vanished from the list. be it that this is an old list, in the previous list, "union boards" had its own mention here. it makes it seem like the "union boards" are being ignored, and maybe even in the hopes that we will forget about them. we haven't. a previous thread for voicing our concerns has been re-opened, and we continue to voice our concern for whether or not gamespot will implement "union boards."

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i still cant get on my profile... Its been over a month since i was on this site and still i get tons of errors.. Plz just switch back to the old layout.

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Bug - Not able to follow non US games. I can only follow games that are either already released in the US or will be eventually. JP and EU games whether they were released or not don't get saved properly despite following them.

Feedback - Ability to make profile private. I have no interest in sharing my profile with random people. Even social sites like facebook and twitter have better privacy options.

Feedback - Following game list should be separate, quicker to get to, and have sorting options like before. I should be able to just click my profile and then click on my following game list and be done, along with having the ability to sort if I wish.

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Feedback - Is there any way to notify people (more clearly) that if they if they want to discuss a topic on the forums they should first look if there are threads that already cover the topic? There are tons of threads that are basically discussing the same thing. Some contain very interesting stuff, but they are pushed back and forgotten because people start new threads on the same subject. I realise not everything can be stuck to the top and that you can't expect people to wade through all the pages, but right now people are starting new threads about subjects that are already discussed just a few threads below theirs.

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I find it nearly impossible to find new games with the year glitch and poor search function. When I tried to find the most recent "Monster Hunter" title, I was blasted with pages of irrelevant information when I sorted it by date, until I finally found something useful on page 4. The endless pages of unconnected games might have something to do with how they are categorized, but the old Gamestop site would generally give you popular titles or related games. When I clicked on some of the titles (such as Evolution: Indian Hunter - Unlimited - Tablet and Zone Hunter to name two of many), there wasn't a lick of information about the "game" at all. I was wondering if the year glitch and poor search function will eventually be solved, or if I will have to endlessly sort through irrelevant games to find the one I'm looking for. Although I wouldn't like to switch sites (god forbid), when Gamespot got its makeover, it got much more difficult to browse things rather than simpler.

On a side note, once I finally found the newest Monster Hunter title, I couldn't watch the trailer for the game.... it never played any of the video.

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I still can't even post photos much less videos.

and nobody can make comments on my blog

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Feedback - A very small thing, but in the "Gamespot Weekly Shows" section, the times only appear in PT. It would be handy for that to be localised, if that's possible.

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Please add a filter function to stacks. I want to be able to see games I want by system, Xbox, PC, etc.

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Wow so if you know users can't edit their stacks, lists, why not warn them. Now I have spend 2 hours and 2 very annoying hours trying to remove all the weird titled games from my list, making notes and changing the order and saving every time. After 2 hours all of a sudden it all changed back how it was when i started so I am not a happy camper at the moment.

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User's list of his rated games is too far. By default i see only reviews, It's stupid.

Filter by genres is fake. Don't you really know what genre is. instead of list of genres you give us searching game!!! Are you mad?!! Learn what genre is and don't make insane stuff.

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Ok Gamespot. I was going to start entering forums and stating your bugs and problems with the new site. However there are so many problems with the site, it may be a quicker job to design a new one or just revert back to the old one as you've definitely taken on an extremely sloppy or badly underpaid web designer.

1: You haven't fixed any of the main issues with the site since its been up, even though you have had endless feedback and reports from users.

2. It takes so long to load your site that i can have IGN loaded and typing a game into there search bar before your home page has opened fully. (Fiber Optic Connection)

3. Even on the off chance i use your site to search for a game, It is probably the worst search database i have ever encountered as it NEVER finds what im looking for without endless search refining and filtering which also doesn't work.

4. Most video reviews that were uploaded before your new website launched, don't work.

If you ever revert back to the old site or employ a decent web designer that doesn't cut every corner, I may return but until then, I'll be FORCED to use IGN.

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Here's the main problem. You guys don't give a flying fuck about your userbase anymore. Not a single response in months, to any of the problems with this clusterfuck you call a website. Thanks for ruining what used to be the best gaming site on the web. A big F. U. to all you guys.

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When using 'Find Games' search, under genre(s) it only gives you game titles once you start typing genre you are interested in. So browsing through top games in any specific genre is not possible, instead you get all games. Or am I missing something?

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I can't update my stacks or my profile for that matter

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genres still make no sence

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In my opinion, the “games list” aspect of your website has taken a serious step backward. On the old site, I could search for games and make a list of the ones I wanted. I could easily order my lists, like a spreadsheet, in alphabetical order, or according to release date, Gamespot rating, my rating, etc. Now, there is only a picture of the game cover and an order that makes no sense at all. I could arrange the order myself, but with so few options, the editing tool is too cumbersome to bother with. Also, there used to be easy links to reviews of the games on my list. Now, I hesitate to click on any link, for fear of being thrust into megabyte-sucking, animated-banner advertisement hell. Before, I was willing to pay for an upgraded, streamlined membership, but that is no longer an option. Gamespot’s reviews are still top notch, but with the way the site is currently, I will likely have to find a new site to organize my lists, (which means less time spent on Gamespot, being exposed to your sponsors).

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I know you all rely on ads and whatnot, but these little ad videos on the forum pages are just down right annoying. So many times have I been scrolling through comments only to hear weird voices come out of nowhere. They just look like spam, too. Don't know if this is the appropriate place to comment or now, but it's the only place I see. Thanks.

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you could try ad-block to get rid of them.

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I have a new bug to report, my email settings are all disabled & turned off but I open my private email today & had over 400 msg's from reply's & comments on the titanfall post from yesterday lol Not cool! Especially since I was expecting 2 very important emails today! Talk about surfing through______ to find what I need!

p.s. The help section sent me here, after double checking my settings, Everything is good on my end.

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^If by titanfall post you mean the article/comment stream then that's handled by livefyre unfortunately, so there's not actually an option to disable it (that we have access to anyway, it'd be under the livefyre account options that are linked to our GS accounts) - the only way to avoid it atm is to click unfollow before leaving a stream (or better yet, every time after you post a comment - but that's tedious) to minimise the spam you get. Livefyre decided to implement automatic following whenever you post in a stream, resulting in a lot of users getting email spammed. Either livefyre changes that or GS replaces livefyre with their own (or a different) system - the latter of which is a fairly large job if they make their own.

@yokofox33 said:

I know you all rely on ads and whatnot, but these little ad videos on the forum pages are just down right annoying. So many times have I been scrolling through comments only to hear weird voices come out of nowhere. They just look like spam, too. Don't know if this is the appropriate place to comment or now, but it's the only place I see. Thanks.

Please report any ads that play sound without you interacting with them to the CMs (Zorine, DigitalDame, ohaifrancy, girlparts) - preferably with a link associated with the ad if applicable, but at the least with a general description - they shouldn't be there and GS will complain to the ad providers to get them removed as necessary.