Blog is "private" when it's actually not

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#1 Posted by mufujifi (527 posts) -

I was recently told by friends that they can't view my profile/blog as it says it's been set to private.

I checked my settings, and under the Blog tab, it's been set to "Everyone" who can view my blog.

Although under Site Settings and "Who can see my profile and see my site contributions in the mini-feed:", it's been set to "Just Me".
I don't think this should pose any problems but just in case, I tried to set to "Anybody" but it WON'T save the setting.

Any help?

#2 Posted by Kelayr (61857 posts) -
You would have to set your profile to either Friends Only or Everyone since not even your friends can see your blog if your profile has been set to private with the Just Me option. Looks like the privacy setting has been changed successfully now however since I can see your profile as well as your blog.
#3 Posted by topsemag55 (19063 posts) -

What silentexistence said, plus I'll add a little more.

When you set your profile to "private", set your blog to "friends only". That way, only people you track back will be able to see both your profile and your blog.

One other tip - after you make your setting changes, do not go back to that page again. If you do, it will revert your settings back to what they are right now, due to a glitch.