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I keep getting notifications that my blog posts have new comments and they should have roughly 10-15 by now according to the emails and on-Gamespot messages, and yet not a single one of them appears when I click on the link in the email/pop up or go directly to my blog. What's the deal?

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Same here bud.

Let's hope Gamespot can fix the issue.

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Did you also mirror the blog to the forums by any chance? If so it's entirely possible that the notifications are for the thread on the forums - these aren't the same as the livefyre comments on the blog page. As such you'd have to find the thread on whichever board you mirror-posted it to in order to find the responses. Unfortunately the forum search is pretty bad atm and I can't find any mirror copy on the forums either. If it's notifications from the top-right on the GS page this is likely the case though as comments through livefyre don't appear to trigger them.

After finally finding your most recent '4k resolution' blog in the livefyre system (which inconveniently are no longer prefixed with "username's blog:" in the console like they used to be) it's clear it has no comments even in the console, so if they were to that the data would appear to be lost. It would appear that there's an issue with livefyre in general too seen as old livefyre blog comments haven't transferred over (and a fair chunk of those from many GS articles as well) - they're still in the system, still approved and should be visible, but randomly vanished from the feeds on the pages, leaving both older and younger comments there in some cases. That said, newly posted comments seem to work fine for me atm. I also noticed that some feeds have a negative number of comments, which leads me to believe that some data was lost at some point. Unfortunately livefyre has to fix that - all GS can do is pester them to fix it.

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I have seen similar reports of this in the past few days. Could you please link to the blogs in question so that I can better assist you with this issue?

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Not sure if it's related or not, but my Most Commented Blog stat is neither correct, nor updating.