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Excuse my attempts at the images:P Categories are a feature that many blogs and sites use to categorize their users blog entries. Categorizing blogs can make them look organized, more professional, and allows other users to find similar entries very easily. This is a feature that I would love to see implemented into GameSpot because blogs currently have very little functionality or ways to stand out from each other. Finding blogs are also extremely difficult. How could it be implemented? The current category scroll bar can be replaced with a text space. Typing something in there will make a new 'category' that can be displayed on our profiles. Clicking a specific category will open up a list of all the blogs that the user had moved into that category. This could be limited to a specific number of unique categories, such as ten, to keep it from getting to long. There could either be a option added to the options menu that allows for categories to be deleted, or it could be done by manually erasing each category. If this somehow interferes with the Editorial section, then a text space could be created underneath it for users that want unique categories, and the normal categories can be kept if someone doesn't want to categorize it. The actual widget could look something like this: [spoiler]  [/spoiler] The search bar would search for blogs. This would also give the tag feature a purpose, as it could search for the title, and for specific tags, making getting around the blog a lot easier. But this isn't needed... I think it would be a great addition to blogs. This would make them a lot cleaner and a lot more user friendly. The current categories, while vast, don't do the blogging system justice. This would also make the people who update their blog with impressions, reviews, etc very happy because they can be found easily in their own category.
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I agree we need this and I push this to happen
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Hope no more glitches :)