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Hey MJ, They work if you add the PID to the end like so: Sword for Blackberry) Still not sure why they won't work from search.
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[QUOTE="Dracula68"]Hey MJ, They work if you add the PID to the end like so: Sword for Blackberry) Still not sure why they won't work from search.

Ahh cool. Thanks Drac.
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Android, BlackBerry, and Palm webOS games all toss out 404 errors when you attempt to view their gamespaces normally, without using the PID. Pages for Flash games work fine though, so this is quite puzzling.

In addition, none of the new platforms redirect to the Most Popular Games list when attempting to view the main page for the platform. But that's a problem with a number of platforms; not just the newest ones. I don't have a full list of platforms that do that though. It would take me too long to test them all.

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Hmm... While there probably are some specific differences, this reminds me of the iPhone/iPod (and now Windows Mobile) items that have been raining down on the daily updates the last couple weeks or so, at least with respect to the 404s and ostensibly missing gamespaces. (Previously mentioned, for example, here and here.) I know adding all these things is a big task and it's probably all still in process, but that's just where we're at. I guess I hadn't heard about issues with these other platforms. Seems like it's probably all related. Drac, is there a straightforward way for a regular user to find the PID of a game if the gamespace doesn't work? That sounds like a trick I should know... If the PID of a gamespace is recognized, but the "spelled out" url is not, does that identify a particular type of association or connection that hasn't been made?

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Not sure if there is an easy way to find a PID on GS but it is in the GF url. I would think there has to be some technical reason the name in the url is coming up with a 404 errors yet all other platforms are fine. Anyway, I'll report this now.

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If you do a search, the PID can be found in the class information for the Add link. If you don't want to check the page source, just click the Add link and grab the PID from the URL. I still prefer getting it from GameFAQs, but this works fine too as long as what you're looking for actually shows up.

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This should be cleared up when we roll out some site changes related to mobile games next week.

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Cool stuff. Thanks. :)