Best of 2012 percentage inconsistency

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#1 Posted by duran_gabriel (25 posts) -


There is an inconsistency between percentage shown for same thing on bellow links for Best of 2012 award:




1. ME3 has 49.5% and FC3 has 50.5%

2.ME3 has 49.6% and FC3 has 50.4%

#2 Posted by dab198 (3927 posts) -

As I'm looking now, they're identical - both showing 49.5/50.5.

I would expect that the bracket page updates less frequently than the voting page, to reduce database load. Nothing to worry about; when the vote closes it will show the most current tallies.

#3 Posted by LarkAnderson (1974 posts) -
Thanks for reporting this. As Dab said, this was merely an issue of the bracket page not updating as frequently as the voting page. When we finalize individual rounds, everything is tallied up and displayed correctly in both locations.