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Gamespot strikes again.

Today I noticed I no longer have an avatar. Awesome. It's too bad I can't find that picture anymore. I guess it's gone for good.

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@rarson: After looking at your profile it appears that you've never actually uploaded any images. If this is incorrect do you remember when (around) the last time you uploaded an image was?

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I had an avatar for like a decade, it was a picture of my cat. Suddenly, in the last month or so, it's gone.

Edit: Sorry, it wasn't a decade, probably more like 7 years.

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The avatars were reset when the site was revamped, the old avatar URLs still exist however (both the old 'shared' ones that GS provided, a great many of which the 80x80 pixel ones were made by users, and the manually uploaded ones), so if you can find the correct URL you can re-upload even an image already uploaded on the GS site using the old URL format. Beyond that there are other methods but they require a bit of URL manipulation and other minor technical things.

Anyway, is this the avatar you're talking about? It's the 1st one I came across that was previously attached to your account.