Anyclip commercials are heart attack inducing

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Hello. I have set the volume to off on these commercials yet the audio comes through, anyway. Sometimes, those ads don't start right away, too.. So I'll be about halfway through reading a thread when all of a sudden commercial audio starts (blaring, sometimes, depending on whether I am listening to Youtube on another tab or MP3s.

Is this just my browser? Should I try another adware sweeper? If you guys are actually using Anyclip for ads, is there a way to get them to make their mute control actually work. It's completely freaking terrifying sometimes! Like those old malwares that used to hijack your browser and tune in to random Chinese radio and stuff like that. Since the ad is usually at the very top of a given page, you won't even be thinking about it.

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It's ridiculous. Not only has this site gone overboard with shit advertising with links to "X hottest people," something involving my credit card getting stolen, bullshit about snoring, shirtless men, etc. (You guys at GameSpot really don't use the forums at all if the ridiculous advertising is any sort of clue), but now the videos are too hard for you guys to mute?

It's like you took everything good at all about the old site and forgot it while adding the shitty ads and making them shittier.

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Use adblock

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@Shewgenja: Thanks for your feedback about these ads, we've received a few reports about the level of disruptiveness to user experience and so I've added this to the Feature Requests portion of my Bug Report for this week.