Any way to remove old threads I made from the archive?

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I asked GameFAQs to remove a few of my posts with valid privacy reasons. They followed through and removed them. However, it appears the threads have actually stayed up on GameSpot's servers.

Anyone I could talk to who could handle this for me?

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Unfortunately, if it's GameFAQs posts just being mirrored to GS on the game specific boards there's nothing the moderators can do about it - staff might be able to help, as it would appear GS continues to show archived threads removed from GFAQs for whatever reason, presumably related to the new site and the fact that you can no longer post to GFAQs boards from GS. There was a similar request a little while back that was forwarded to GFAQs but it would appear the GS copy of that thread continues to exist as well. I'd advise you contact one of the devs such as edgework or one of the community managers, as there's nothing the GS volunteer moderator team can do about the GFAQ mirrored boards.

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@arizee3: there's an answer. hopefully it can help you.