All videos on site broken for last three days

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For the last three days I haven't been able to watch any videos on the site. The usual play icon in the middle of the videos is missing. If I click on the static image where the video would be nothing happens. On the front page, if I reload the page I can see the play icon on any videos that load with the main page, but clicking on them has no effect. Clicking on the title of a video, to open it in it's own web page, also doesn't fix the problem.

I do not, nor have I ever run, any sort of ad-blocking software. I haven't made any changes to my system. No videos kinda ruins the site for me, any help that can be offered to fix things on my end or your end would be greatly appreciated!

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No change today. Just wanted to point out if the videos aren't running for me, you're not getting ad revenue from me. Please help me fix this.