All Time Greatest Game Sidekick Bracket

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#1 Posted by sonictrainer (15185 posts) -

I noticed it today, as one of the tabs on my profile.

However, clicking on it goes to the All Time Greatest Game Villain Bracket instead.

#2 Posted by MuddyMaestro (10353 posts) -

I noticed this immediately appearing after the leveling system was fixed. As well, the emblem order as it appears on the left side in our profile was returned to the way it was a couple of months ago (which I prefer better than the reverse layout).

#3 Posted by chicknfeet (15629 posts) -
Just reported this to Jody. Thanks :)
#4 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -
I let the technical staff know about this bug. Thanks for reporting it!
#5 Posted by Horgen (111218 posts) -
I take it the only people who has that bracket are the ones who participated in it...? Seeing as I don't have one.
#6 Posted by dab198 (3917 posts) -
Looks like the bug's been fixed anyway.