All my rating disappeared

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All my rating disappeared, is this temporary or are they gone forever??

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Could you please share a few links of the games that you've given ratings for in the past?

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I've also run into this problem. Oddly enough 3 of my 20 written reviews are the only thing show when I sort to show ratings only. When I sort by reviews the other 17 are shown. When I have it show both it says "Total of 20 user ratings spread across 17 releases" if that helps any.

If links help here's a few: Assassin's Creed III shows up in the rating section, despite being a full written review

Assassin's Creed: Revelations displays properly in the review section

Batman: Arkham Asylum properly shows my rating on its page but does not show up in my profile

X-Com: UFO Defense rating does not show up anywhere

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Hi, joining the bandwagon. Seems like this issue is still not fixed. Some reviews / ratings have appeared, but not a lot.

1. For ratings - before the issue I had around 450 ratings, after the first disappearance I was left with 2, after this first fix I am currently at 7 ratings, so a lot (over 400) are still missing.

Example of a missing rating, King's bounty The Legend, when I go to it's page I can see I rated an 8 , but on my profile it is not showing up. There are another 400 examples, so can provide as many as needed.

2. For reviews - before the issue had over 40 reviews, after the first disappearance I was left with 0, after this first fix I am at 38, so not a lot are missing. Seems the first fix was aimed mostly at ratings.

Example of review I am still missing, when you go here you can see my review of Montaguese Mount that you can find a link to on the page of that game, however when I go to my profile bam and it's not there listed among the reviews.

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This issue was fixed some time now, but suddenly it stopped working again. It only shows me my reviews, even when I specify in the filter that I want to see the ratings only. And this was basically my favorite feature on the site, I had all my scores from way back kept in here, and now I lost all of that it seems. And rating more than 200 games again (if I somehow remember them) isn't exactly what Im planning to do, much less on a site that is currently buggy and not even a single score is displayed.

An example of a rating that doesn't show up is my rating to Uncharted 3:

If I go to the link of the game I can see it, but if I go to my profile and look for it, I can't see it.

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I have 7 now I think and I used to have hundreds from a lot of different consoles, PlayStation, PS2, PC, DS, NES, SNES, everything gone.

Here are some links:

In there I can see I my vote but in my profile where the ratings used to be, they dissapeared.

They were there a month ago. Another problem I have is that when I rate a game, the system just chooses a random platform instead of letting me choose in which console I played.

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I can't edit my stacks, neither can I open my followers or the following.
And it's been over a month !

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All my reviews have disappeared too. It says I have 9 on my profile but then when I click on the reviews tab it says it's a barren wasteland and there aren't any! Also can't find the reviews when going on the pages for the games I have reviewed!

Here's the links to some games I have reviewed, I can't find the reviews themselves;

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@DigitalDame: Any news???

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look at all these conspiracy theorists. You think something is wrong with this site? Something is wrong with your tinfoil. all my reviews are exactly where i left them. somewhere on this website. and that's the fun of it! its a review easter egg hunt!