All (company name) Games links fail to filter by company

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#1 Posted by jsmoke03 (12844 posts) -

So i don't know if gs stopped doing this but i'm unable to find a proper link to pages.

i tried to click on the link to all of gas powered games ever made and it brings me to EVERY GAME EVER MADE.

heres the page with the company index

just click on the all games for the company and it doesn't like to it.

#2 Posted by crashmer (82 posts) -

Yep, just had this problem myself, it's not filtering by company anymore.

#3 Posted by gmax (6861 posts) -
You might want to revise the topic title to something like "All (company name) Games links fail to filter by company". They may have monkeyed with the database or games.html - who knows - but it appears broken here too. It's not clear why, and I'm not aware of a workaround.

#4 Posted by JodyR (16412 posts) -

This problem was resolved on February 6th. Let us know if you still see any issues and thanks for your patience!