All blog posts say "0 Comments" despite there being comments

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When I click on my Blog tab on the control panel all the blogs show "0 Comments" while most of them have a number of comments from other users and/or updates/responses by myself. I can read the comments when I click on a specific blog headline but the summary page still shows "0 Comments" which means one needs to open each blog posting to see if any new comments have been added.

Can this be readily fixed?

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This will be fixed one day but right now but Gamespot is preparing for PAX East 2014 which will be coming up this weekend

So there is no Time frame for the fixes that We know of at all

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Isn't that kind of the story of Gamespot's life though?

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Technically, it works - however that comments number refers to comments made in the blog thread itself - which can only actually be posted to if the blog was cross-posted to the forums, though the thread ID is made even if it isn't accessible (not to mention, currently the only known way to find it if it hasn't been posted to the forums is to have both mod permissions and look around in the page source). The livefyre feed underneath isn't connected to it despite being the only source of blog comments for blogs that are kept specifically to the blog area of the site. As such, it's not broken, it's just not very useful and should probably be changed if possible, which will require suitable livefyre apis in order to get it to work with the feed.

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I came here to make the very same complaint.

I was sure all my blogs had 0 replies until I decided to take a look today and noticed that most of them had comments.

Since most people don't post their blogs as threads, I think it would be far more useful for the counter to display the number of comments that are made on the actual blog, not on its thread.

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Hi all, thanks for reporting this, and sorry for getting to it so late. I've added it to our bug queue and we'll take a look as soon as we can.

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What may be useful is to share the "bug queue" list and estimated fix time frames with the members in a more open fashion. There are obviously a large number of bugs since the site revamp and many answers, with due respect, from GameSpot staff is that issue such and such will be addressed "soon". More transparency including a simple table (not "stack" ... sorry my least favourite new "feature") with a brief description of the issue and expected date it will be addressed would be good to share and perhaps reduce angst from us, GameSpot's customers.

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@Perth2008: You're right: we have a lot of new feature development work and a large bug queue and only a limited number of resources with which to do both, which is why I've begun weekly reports of what we've already done.

What I can't do is share estimated dates that bugs will be fixed, because I don't want to make promises that we can't necessarily keep. We've already tried this once before and it never worked out for anyone.