A Little Positive Feedback for Once

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#1 Posted by Slagar (271 posts) -

I was reading the PC Game of the Year article, and thinking about the decision of Path of Exile as the PC GotY.

One thought that came to mind is that: this is why I visit Gamespot.

This is not about Path of Exile, but that I find that quite often the guys and gals at Gamespot are more measured in their approach compared with other gaming sites. By that I mean, people like Kevin Van Ord and others here at Gamespot are often mindful enough to look past the hype somewhat, and support games based more on their relative merits.

By comparison, I find that other gaming websites tend to gravitate more toward the hype train, and simply award games with the biggest advertising budgets ie. CoD/Starcraft for GotY. (- Not that's not OK, just that often the smaller titles don't really get given a fair shot).

It takes a mindful, measured and - sane - people to be able to do that - which comes with experience, personal maturity, and some degree of wisdom, not just "your ability to write reviews" - and also the courage to buck the trend sometimes.

Of course, nobody's perfect - we're all human - but really I find that it is those qualities that bring me back to Gamespot year after year for my gaming news, compared to other gaming websites.

So cheers for the hard work Gamespot team, and Merry Christmas.